Pitched Roofs

New Pitched Roofs in Thornbury, Bristol
and the Surrounding Areas

As our testimonials will show, Webbs Roofing Specialists’ past and present clients have a lot of positive things to say about our roofing contractors and the wide range of services we offer, including the installation of our new pitched roofs. That’s because we put you first and strive to ensure the work we carry out at your home or property exceeds your expectations. From Thornbury to Bristol, Weston-super-Mare to Clevedon, and the surrounding areas we cover in between, we’re the roofing company of choice for many. 


What Roof Will You Choose?

We have the perfect roofing solution, no matter what structure we’re working on – a barn conversion, shed or garage, newly built property, or a commercial unit.

There is a wealth of advantages associated with the various pitched roofs supplied and fitted by our roofing contractors, such as:

  • Improved Drainage

  • Superior Durability

  • Thermal Efficiency

  • Solar Panels

  • Potential Development

  • Market Value

  • Roofing Options

Improved Drainage

With properly installed roofing materials and roofline systems, i.e. the soffits, fascias and gutters, rainwater and snow will easily flow away from a property without causing damage. The triangular structure minimises the risk of pooling and water ingress.

Superior Durability

The construction of pitched roofs ensures their stability, making them impartial to extreme winds or harsh weather conditions. They can support substantial weight, such as snow accumulation, and play a leading role in ensuring the stability of a building’s external walls.

Thermal Efficiency

Our new pitched roofs guarantee the cost-effectiveness of their construction by helping to reduce your energy consumption and outgoings. This is achieved by the air gap within the roof’s pitch. As a natural insulator, it works towards regulating indoor temperatures.

Solar Panels

Our roofs offer an ideal platform for all solar panel types, harnessing the sun's energy for electricity and hot water generation. This can significantly reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources and contribute towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Potential Development

The space within a new roof can be further developed as a value-adding loft conversion later. Pitched roofs can be altered to dormer roofs, hip-to-gable roofs, mansard roofs, or gambrel roofs, offering a wealth of creative design and storage solutions.

Market Value

Whether traditional slate or modern tile, our new pitched roofs will add instant kerb appeal to any property in Thornbury, Bristol, Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon or the surrounding areas. Not only that, but your property’s resale value will also experience an increase.

Roofing Options

The sky’s the limit, literally. Our roofing contractors at Webbs Roofing Specialists can design and construct all manner of roofing systems to suit the layout of your property, from standard designs to complex installations. 

  • Dormer Roofs

  • Gable to Gable Roofs

  • Gambrel Roofs

  • Hipped Roofs

  • L-Shaped Roofs

  • Mansard Roofs

  • Mono-Pitch Roofs

  • T-Shaped Roofs

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