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Chimney Removal in Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon
and the Surrounding Areas

Webbs Roofing Specialists offers a selection of chimney removal and repair services to clients based in the areas we cover throughout North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, including Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon, Thornbury, and Bristol. If you’re concerned about the current state of your chimney or would like a new one installed to complement the fresh and modern style of your new roofing materials, please contact us to arrange an on-site appointment with our experienced roofing contractors.

We’ll assess the situation thoroughly and advise you on the best course of action. Sometimes, our standard chimney repointing services will be required to refresh the structure. Where the chimney is at risk of collapse, however, we would suggest immediate removal in order to prevent further damage to your property. We can then rebuild a new stack as part of our chimney replacement services.

We also complete reliable leadwork services, ensuring all roofing and chimney installations are secure and watertight. 


Should You Remove Your Chimney?

With modern property construction, there isn’t always the need for a chimney but they are a permanent fixture on older homes and premises. Many homeowners block up fireplaces or install stoves and other heating systems that don’t require chimneys, so there’s no reason to have them. In some cases, they’re more of a hindrance due to consistent leaks and crumbling mortar. 

If you still use a central fireplace in your home, however, having a clean and functional chimney is essential to vent harmful gases successfully. 

If your property has an unused chimney stack in place, and you’re considering updating your roofing system to a more modern material, now is the perfect time to talk to our roofing contractors about our chimney removal services.

Following an in-depth inspection of the chimney and the surrounding roofing structure – using scaffolding systems to ensure all safety measures are considered – we’ll remove the chimney cowls and pot, supporting mortar, and bricks. New roofing battens and felt are then inserted before completing the removal process with matching materials, i.e. tiles, slate or flat roofing products. 

Normally, we will remove the stack, but we can also quote for the internal chimney breast.

All waste materials are removed via skip hire, and we aim to recycle bricks and lead where possible. 

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